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About us

TRUSTiCERT is a young internationally active company as a regulatory and scientific partner for the development of the electronic cigarette and consumer products sector.

Our history is born in the university world, where, starting in 2012, a team of researchers begins to deal with the electronic cigarette as seen as a potential health and environmental protection tool. In the following years, complimenting the complex regulatory landscape that was outlining, this team grew, consolidate their experiences and structure in departments until it conveys, in 2017, to TRUSTiCERT.

Our main activity is to drive manufacturing companies through the complex regulatory landscape that regulates the vaping industry so they can provide consumers with the most advanced products and the highest levels of quality and safety. This includes the study of the scientific aspects related to the electronic cigarette, the environmental impact and the inhalation toxicity of vapors.

Along with the editing of “The e-cig science” that has accompanied you so far, we want to continue to spread the latest electronic cigarette updates and we want to do it impartially and objectively, based on rigorous scientific data.

Our highest goal is to support the spread of technologies capable of increasing health and well-being. We commit with dedication and passion for the electronic cigarette to become a tool with these features, and we support those who do the same.