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About us

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  • FEM2 Ambiente is an Accredited Spin-off of the Milano-Bicocca University situated in the Department of Biotechnology and Biosciences.
  • FEM2-Ambiente owns advanced laboratories dedicated to research and development in Biotechnology.
  • “The E-cig Science” is a project of FEM2-Ambiente aimed at spreading the scientific discoveries related to the world of electronic cigarettes.
Fem2 Ambiente has been founded in 2010 as a spinoff of University of Milano – Bicocca and mainly operates as R&D hub in biotechnology. The company offers innovative services in various sectors with a permanent attention to environmental issues. Fem2 Ambiente also develops research projects both with partners in research field and business and it also deals with educational activities at national and international level. Since 2011 the company has been developing an interest in electronic cigarette, seen as a useful tool to protect the environment (e.g. reducing the fine particles in the air released by the combustion of traditional cigarettes and decreasing the number of cigarettes butts that every year are thrown on the ground and in the sea, also lowering the related pollution problems). Delving deeper into this topic, the company realized the high potential that the electronic cigarette may have even in health care.

The e-cig science

The project “La scienza dello svapo” was born in 2014, originally addressing exclusively to an Italian audience. The purpose of this project was to raise users awareness of electronic smoke as healthier alternative to traditional smoking and as a way to safeguard the health and the environment. FEM2 Ambiente monitors the most significant discoveries in the field of electronic cigarette and it’s committed to spreading it freely and fully. Aware that scientific articles often use a technical and complex language, “La scienza dello svapo” also summarizes the content of these kind of articles, using a simple jargon. In this way anyone can receive reliable and accurate information about electronic cigarettes. The project has been so successful that in 2015 FEM2 Ambiente decided to extend this service to a foreign audience. That’s the reason why “La scienza dello svapo” turns into “The e-cig science”.